Vio Home Buyer & Seller Protection Plan

“One in four (24.42%) of house sales transactions in England and Wales fell through before completion in 2019, according to data figures from Quick Move Now, with the buyer/seller incurring substantial LOST costs”

Vio Assistance provides added value plans for property and legal professionals to offer their clients to build into your existing client service package offering.

The BBC reported that the Virus epidemic left some 373,000 uncompleted home transactions with many losing their fees. The Home Buyer & Seller Conveyancing Fee Protection Plan helps to protect your purchaser/seller’s costs* if their property transaction fails before completion.

These low cost plans offer a range of benefits* to both your firm and your clients including:

  • Wider range of service to offer to attract more conveyancing clients
  • Protect your firms costs if the transaction fall through
  • Increased fees per case
  • Simple administration
  • Greater protection for your buying/selling clients during the transaction should “it fall through”
  • No Excess when claiming
  • Client marketing leaflets can be branded to your firm (subject to discussion)

NOW your firm can promote this cover as part of the many services to attract new clients and increase fee income.


Protection is provided for either Standard 120 or Premier 180 days and our Premier Protection Plan offers purchasers an additional £500 towards moving expenses that may have been incurred at the time the purchase falls through. There is NO EXCESS when claiming.



If your client is BUYING and...

  • Property is withdrawn from sale by the vendor due to reasons beyond your client's control.
  • Vendor receives and accepts an offer from another prospective buyer which is a minimum of £1000 greater than the offer they previously accepted from your client and your client is not prepared to increase their offer.
  • The mortgage lender’s survey or valuation on the property identifies that rectification work needs to be carried out, the cost of which exceeds 5% of the sum originally offered or values the property at less than 90% of the sum offered for the property and which has been accepted and your client decides not to proceed.
  • Mortgage lender insists on a secondary survey, such as damp and timber or electrical survey, and the mortgage lender insists on additional rectification work being carried out to the property, the cost of which exceeds 10% of the agreed asking price, and your client decides not to proceed.
  • Vendor is not legally entitled to the sell property.

*subject to terms and conditions – contact Vio Assistance for full Plan details – call 0330 311 9550 or email [email protected]

If your client is SELLING and...

  • Property remains on the market 12 months after the date it was first listed, having been continuously listed throughout the 12 month period (apart from any period where the property was temporarily removed from the market as a result of an offer being accepted and subsequently withdrawn, in which case the property must have been returned to the market within 14 days of the sale falling through), as long as:
    Your client has not received and rejected two or more offers of at least 95% of the asking price during the 12 month period of continuous marketing;
    Your client has not refused advice from their estate agent to reduce the asking price during the 12 month period of continuous marketing.
  • Purchaser’s survey on the property identifies that rectification work needs to be carried out, the cost of which exceeds 5% of the asking price.
  • Survey or valuation carried out highlights that the property has been underpinned or shows signs of subsidence and as a result the market value of the property is reduced by at least 10%.
  • Local Authority highlights that the property is the subject of a compulsory purchase order, in a flood plain, on contaminated land or over a mining area.
  • Search highlights the fact that there is a defect in the title and this cannot be rectified.
  • Your client or a member of their immediate family dies or contracts a critical illness, sustains a serious injury, is given notice of redundancy or relocation and your client decides not to proceed.